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    After an arrest in the metro-Atlanta area, those facing criminal charges
    need reliable legal representation and counsel to avoid unjust punishments
    and receive fair sentencing. Though the next steps after an arrest may
    be unclear, the first phone call you should make in such a situation should
    be to ChancoSchiffer Law, LLC. An experienced
    Atlanta personal injury attorney can mean the difference between freedom and jail time, time spent in jail
    or prison, and the costs of exorbitant fines.
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    Why Do I Need a Lawyer?

    A good lawyer can be a fantastic asset for anyone facing criminal charges,
    especially serious ones. A criminal defense attorney will work diligently
    to prevent his or her client from facing a trial. Sometimes, though, a
    trial is unavoidable. An
    attorney can poke holes in the prosecution’s case to insufficient evidence
    to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. While a public defender is always
    an option, they generally take many cases at once and may not have the
    same level of personal investment in your case as a private criminal defense
    attorney would.

    For people facing criminal charges, defense attorneys help ensure punishment
    is fair and may even be able to bargain for reduced charges and/or minimal
    sentencing. They can also argue for probation, rehabilitation, community
    service, and/or other alternatives to prison time. Ultimately, it’s
    in the best interest of anyone facing criminal charges to secure legal
    representation from a reliable defense attorney as soon as possible.

    Defending Against Criminal Charges Before Atlanta Trial

    It’s possible to avoid the trial process entirely with help of an
    experienced criminal defense attorney. Although a wrongfully charged defendant
    can hope for an acquittal, the litigation process is time-consuming, expensive,
    and stressful. A criminal defense attorney who is truly on your side will
    work diligently to defeat wrongful charges, so the defendant can avoid
    going through a trial. Some defense lawyers will act during the pretrial
    communication phase to clear up any misconceptions about his or her client.
    In some cases, talking to the lead investigator in a criminal matter or
    the arresting officer can help clear the air and avoid a lengthy and expensive trial.

    While this may work in some situations, it’s vital to realize that
    this won’t be a feasible option in every case, and defendants should
    prepare to face trial. Most people facing wrongful charges of criminal
    activity will try to establish alibis to prove they did nothing wrong.
    However, the burden of proof rests on the prosecution, and it’s
    up to the prosecutor in any case to bring clear and convincing evidence
    of the defendant’s guilt.

    Fighting Felony Charges in Atlanta

    Felonies in Georgia include the spectrum of cases in which the punishment
    range is one (1) or more years in confinement. This encompasses a broad
    spectrum of offenses such as aggravated assaults, aggravated battery,
    false imprisonment, aggravated stalking, robbery, murder, arson, rape,
    theft, forgery, identify theft, burglary, pimping, sexual misconduct upon
    a child, Violation of the Georgia Controlled Substances Act (VGCSA), and
    computer crimes. Each of these offenses has their own specific factors,
    aggravators, minimums and components.

    Mistakes made early in the process, well intended or not, can destroy your
    opportunity for an acquittal. Statements and actions made at or around
    the time of arrest can inadvertently implicate you or a loved one. The
    State will use every tool they have to prosecute someone they suspect
    of wrongdoing, and don’t think the State will not go after someone
    just to pressure them to cooperate.

    The criminal justice system was not built to assist the accused. It was
    built to assist law enforcement in their duties and to protect the Government
    and the People. If you’re currently facing a felony charge in the
    state of Georgia, it’s best you seek legal advice from an experienced
    team of lawyers to best help your case. If you’d like a free case
    evaluation with one of our Atlanta attorneys, call (404) 471-3999 or
    fill out a contact form online.

    Georgia’s Criminal Case Dismissal

    When a prosecutor does not have sufficient evidence to prove a defendant’s
    guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, the trial will likely end in dismissal.
    While several possible factors may complicate this, it is ultimately up
    to the prosecution to build a strong case. In some situations, doing nothing
    is the best defense, and a defendant and his or her attorney must simply
    wait until the prosecutor comes to terms with the fact the evidence necessary
    for conviction is lacking.

    When a case moves to trial, a defense attorney may secure a dismissal for
    his or her client in several ways. If any illegally seized evidence led
    to the charges, the defense can file a pretrial motion to suppress the
    illegally collected evidence. If this happens, or if the defense wins
    in a preliminary hearing, the prosecution may decide not to re-file the
    charges and drop the case altogether.

    Common Criminal Defense Cases in Atlanta

    The criminal defense attorneys at ChancoSchiffer Law, LLC, defend against
    a variety of different charges. The circumstances of each criminal defense
    case are unique, but the firm does tend to see some common charges. The
    attorneys at ChancoSchiffer Law, LLC, are uniquely equipped to handle
    many of the common criminal defense cases that arise in Atlanta.

    Drug Violations

    Though much of the country is loosening restrictions on drug-related offenses
    and nonviolent crime, Georgia still has some of the stricter rules. Possession
    of even a small amount of a controlled substance is a felony under state
    law, with serious consequences. Fines, loss of driver’s license,
    and other civil penalties may also exist. The attorneys at ChancoSchiffer
    Law, LLC, often help negotiate pleas to lesser charges or alternative
    sentencing, for example, having drug charges tried in drug court whenever
    possible to reduce the possible effect on a defendant’s life. Our
    attorneys can also advocate for probation in lieu of jail time whenever possible.


    Operating under the influence of alcohol or any other substance is a crime
    under Georgia law. The state carries strict penalties that can include
    jail time, revocation of license, and strict fines – even for a
    first offense. Since a DUI conviction poses a serious risk to a defendant’s
    freedoms and finances, a criminal defense attorney will work to reduce
    the impact however possible.

    Violent Crime

    Facing allegations of a violent crime can lead to serious consequences
    such as jail time. A felony conviction can affect a person’s ability
    to obtain gainful employment or loans.

    The attorneys at ChancoSchiffer Law, LLC, defend people against a variety
    of charges.

    • Assault and battery
    • Aggravated assault
    • False imprisonment
    • Kidnapping
    • Domestic violence

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