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Massachusetts Sexual Assault

Criminal Defense for Sexual Assault Crimes in Massachusetts

Being charged with a sexual assault offense in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is a serious matter. Sexual assault offenses such as rape, statutory rape, indecent assault and battery and other violent sex crimes are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law — a conviction can have life-altering consequences. Since sexual assault offenses are complex matters, a skilled and experienced defense attorney is necessary to help protect your rights.

Riccio Law handles numerous sexual assault crimes, including:

  • Rape
  • Statutory Rape
  • Indecent Assault and Battery on a Person Over 14
  • Indecent Assault and Battery on a Person Under 14
  • Lewd Conduct
  • Indecent Exposure

Being found guilty of a sexual assault offense can affect your livelihood, housing options, and educational opportunities. A conviction can result in a sentence of up to life in prison and mandatory registration with the Massachusetts Sex Offender Registry Board.

Massachusetts Rape Defense Attorney

Under Massachusetts law, rape is defined by statute as forcible intercourse against the victim’s will. There are different criminal charges associated with rape offenses, depending on the facts and circumstances such as the age of the victim, whether a weapon was used, and whether the rape occurred during the commission of another crime. A court may also consider a number of other aggravating factors.

Rape is punishable in Massachusetts by a prison term of up to 20 years. Steeper penalties are usually imposed for a second offense, including life in state prison. A person convicted of a sexual assault offense who is on parole is also required to wear a GPS device for the duration of probation. If you are facing a rape accusation, Riccio Law will fight to protect your rights and help you achieve the best outcome for your case.

Criminal Defense for Statutory Rape in Massachusetts

In Massachusetts, the age of consent is sixteen years old. The law deems a person under the age of sixteen incapable of consenting. Intercourse with someone under the age of 16 can be punishable in Massachusetts with a life sentence in state prison.

Statutory rape in Massachusetts is a strict liability crime — this means that criminal penalties are imposed even if the defendant did not know the victim was under sixteen. In addition, intercourse between two people under the age of 16 is legally considered statutory rape, even if both parties “consent.”

Since the Massachusetts statutory rape laws are strictly construed, it is imperative that you have diligent legal counsel on your side. Riccio Law is committed to providing reliable and knowledgeable defense for those undergoing a statutory rape investigation or are facing charges.

Indecent Assault & Battery Criminal Defense Attorney

Indecent assault and battery is a category of sexual assault under Massachusetts law that involves inappropriate or offensive touching without the victim’s consent. The penalties for this crime can vary depending upon whether the victim was older or younger than fourteen or disabled. A person younger than fourteen is incapable of consenting under this law.

A conviction can result in 2 ½ to 5 years in prison for a first offense of indecent assault and battery on a person over fourteen years old, and up to ten years if the victim was under fourteen. Penalties increase for a second offense. A convicted offender is also required to register with the Massachusetts Sex Offender Registry Board.

If you were charged with indecent assault and battery, it is in your best interest to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately. Riccio Law will carefully assess the evidence against you and negotiate with the prosecutor to reduce the charges or work toward obtaining a dismissal.

As a former assistant district attorney, Anthony Riccio knows the strategies that the DA’s office will use to prosecute sexual assault crimes. He applies his experience and knowledge to ensure that his clients receive high-quality legal representation and vigorous defense. With an acquittal rate of nearly 85%, Anthony has earned a reputation with clients and in the legal field as a highly skilled criminal defense attorney.

If you’ve been accused of a sexual assault offense, Anthony will evaluate the facts and evidence in your case to determine your best course of action — whether it be proceeding to trial or entering into a plea deal to reduce the charge to a lesser offense. With offices in Attleboro and Quincy, Riccio Law represents clients in southeastern Massachusetts, the greater Boston area, and throughout the Commonwealth. Contact Riccio Law for a complimentary consultation.

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