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Massachusetts Sex Crimes Defense Guide by Top Boston & Quincy Attorneys

Federal law and Massachusetts law enforcement take sex crimes very seriously, and the penalties can be severe. Besides the lengthy state prison sentences typical for these offenses, a conviction can leave you stigmatized with the substantial limitations faced by convicted sex offenders.

Unlike simpler assault and battery accusations or other misdemeanors, defendants facing sexual abuse charges in Massachusetts aren’t entitled to a clerk’s hearing. Once accused, the claim alone can lead to your arrest, and charges cannot be ‘dropped’ even by a family member. The District Attorney will review the case, and prosecution will proceed.

For these reasons, it’s crucial to seek representation from a skilled Massachusetts sex crime attorney with a proven track record of successful outcomes in cases involving sexual contact, indecent exposure, solicitation, sexual exploitation, and statutory rape. Their expertise can significantly impact the resolution of your case.

Overview of Massachusetts Sex Crimes Laws

Here’s an overview of the main provisions of the state sexual assault laws:

Indecent Assault and Battery on Person Over Fourteen

Indecent assault and battery essentially refer to touching someone in a manner offensive to contemporary moral values, like touching the buttocks, breasts, or genitals.

  • Up to five years in state prison
  • Two and a half years in the house of corrections

Indecent Assault and Battery On a Child Below Fourteen 14

A child below 14 years of age can’t consent to indecent sexual conduct. Touching the breast, genitals, or buttocks of a child below fourteen years has the following penalties:

  • Up to 10 years state prison sentence
  • Two and a half years in the house of correction

Indecent Assault and Battery On Person with Intellectual Disability

Touching a person with an intellectual disability attracts the following penalties:

  • Up to ten years state prison sentence
  • A minimum penalty of five years

Indecent Assault and Battery On a Disabled Individual or Elder

Sexual contact on someone with a long-term or permanent mental impairment or physical disability has these possible penalties:

  • Up to ten years in state prison
  • At least two and a half yours house of correction

Indecent Assault and Battery On a Disabled Individual or Elder

Aggravated Indecent Sexual Assault and Battery

Aggravated Indecent Assault and Battery On a Minor Below Fourteen Years

This applies if you’re a mandated reporter or touched the minor during a felony offense. The penalties are:

  • Up to life behind bars
  • Minimum of ten years

Mandatory Sexual Offender Registration

Mandatory sex registration is sometimes required in the state’s sex offender registry board. Intentional non-compliance to the Sexual Offender Registration by failing to register or using false details has severe consequences like going back behind bars.

Child Molestation

Charges for child molestation vary with the crime’s severity.

Indecent Assault and Battery of a Child

This includes any sexual misconduct on a child below fourteen. The possible penalties are:

  • Up to ten years in prison
  • Life in prison for a subsequent offense

Statutory Rape
Sexual intercourse with a minor below 16 attracts rape charges. Furthermore, threatening or forcing them attracts additional charges. The maximum penalty is a life sentence.

Child Pornography

This is any material depicting children in sexually obvious ways, including videos, film, or pictures. Charges include:

possession of Child Pornography

This charge has these possible penalties:

  • Up to five years’ prison time
  • $10,000 in fines
  • Longer jail sentence for a second and third conviction

Distribution or Production of Child Pornography
This includes using any method to share child pornography. The crime may earn you up to 15 years’ prison time or $5,000 in fines.

What Are the Available Defenses?

Your specific sex crime charges will determine your case’s most applicable defenses. That said, the three common defenses that attorney’s use to defend sex crimes and assaults include:

There Was No Sexual Act
One defense strategy is to demonstrate that the alleged incident did not occur between you and the accuser. Your attorney might argue that the accuser mistakenly believed a non-consensual sexual act was committed by you and subsequently made a false accusation. In Massachusetts, the Commonwealth must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you committed the crime before a guilty verdict can be rendered.

The Crime Occurred, But You’re Not the Perpetrator
This defense acknowledges that the sex crime occurred, but you weren’t responsible for the act. Often, sex crime victims are pushed to identify perpetrators or witnesses in a lineup, which can be inaccurate.

The Act Occurred, But It Wasn’t Criminal
This defense focuses on proving consent, an element that distinguishes most sexual assault charges from the rest.

While these possible defenses can significantly influence your case, partnering with a reputable Boston sex crime attorney can help you develop a robust defense strategy. Your attorney will be dedicated to fighting for a favorable outcome in your case.

How Will a Sex Crimes Attorney Impact Your Case?

How Will a Sex Crimes Attorney Impact Your Case?

Sexual offenses are complex, and a simple mistake or miscommunication could leave you facing years behind bars. Even if you’re certain that you’re not responsible for the act, partnering with a sex crimes lawyer could be the deciding factor for your case outcome and future.

Here’s how an attorney will impact your case:

  • Your criminal defense lawyer knows the legal environment, and their experience, legal background, and connections could positively impact the case.
  • If you’re facing sex crime charges, your attorney will take you through the charges, informing you of the lawsuit process, your rights, and possible penalties.
  • Filing the paperwork correctly and keeping track of it is no easy feat, but your defense attorney will take care of this to avoid mistakes.
  • They’ll use their knowledge of the law to understand your charges and any opportunities to reduce them, offer great legal advice, and identify any loopholes you’re likely to miss without the comprehension.
  • You’ll likely face stigma when facing lewd sex offense charges. However, your criminal defense attorney will defend your rights and prevent anyone from taking advantage of you.
  • Your defense attorney always has your back and is morally bound to your defense. Whether you’re innocent or guilty, they’ll try to ensure a seamless process for you.
  • Defense attorneys have an entire team behind them with your case; all focused on moving things quickly and getting your normal life back.
  • A reputable defense attorney can be costly, but when you compare the cost with the money and time you’ll save when you work with them, it’s a no-brainer.
  • Your attorney is the only person with whom you can openly discuss anything related to the lawsuit. They’ll provide the emotional and technical support you require.

Consult a Reputable Massachusetts Sex Crimes Defense Attorney

Sex crimes are uniquely complex and require in-depth knowledge of Massachusetts state laws. Given the severe nature of potential penalties, it is crucial to have a strong defense. Working with a reputable Massachusetts sex crime lawyer can significantly enhance your chances of achieving the best possible case outcome.

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