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Client Reviews

What separates an amateur and a professional? Put a professional under pressure and they get better. Anthony Riccio, demonstrates this skill. With little notice, Major barriers and High stakes Anthony represented my case with confidence. Throughout the whole proceedings Anthony explore different scenarios and plan of actions with myself and prepared for each. Lastly and most importantly, He was able to settle the case in a desired outcome.


– Former Client

Anthony went above and beyond with my case. His dedication to his job was apparent in his patience, perseverance, understanding of the law and how it applied to my case. Not only did he dedicate his time and commitment but showed compassion throughout the process. I would highly recommend Anthony R. Riccio!

– Former Client

He was exquisite, Very professional, I honestly would trust this man with my life, represented me for 6 Criminal charges, and got them all dismissed without a trial.

– Brandy R.

Anthony was great, he got me more than what even he expected and he kept me informed every step of the way throughout my case.

– Peter A.

Anthony helped me seal an old case that was hindering my future. He was very professional and knowledgeable with my case and did an excellent job. I would recommend Anthony to anyone who needs an awesome attorney and person!

– Patrick.

Atty Riccio guided my family through two major auto accident (other drivers faults) claims within a 2.5 year time frame. Both accidents resulted in serious injuries and 2 family cars were totaled. He was with us every step of the way dealing with the insurance companies, hospitals, and medical follow ups. Atty Riccio continually updated us on our cases while he fought hard to obtain justifiable settlements. He returned all calls, messages, & texts within a timely manner. He took the time to explain, in layman’s terms, all the ins & outs of filing claims & what to expect as we went forward. We found Atty Riccio to be highly professional in all aspects of representing us in our cases. We highly recommend him!

– Linda.

Attorney Riccio gave me a free consultation and informed me of exactly what was going on and all the options I had in order to deal with my legal case. He was then hired to be my attorney and I was very pleased by everything he did for me and my case and all the measures he went to in order to try to fight for my case. His opening statements were incredible in trial and all his arguments and closing statements led to a positive outcome from this trial. I would highly suggest Attorney Anthony Riccio as I was very pleased with all his hard work and dedication to his clients.

– Former Client.

Anthony was very attentive and hands on while balancing other cases. He was very receptive and available whenever I had questions about my case. Very thorough through and through from start to finish and I would highly recommend him.

– Tom.

Attorney Riccio championed the facts early on, knew the law on the charges and presented the obstacles and options in a clear and concise manner. Attorney Riccio believed in my innocence on the charges and pursued the options on that basis.

– Michael.

I’d refer Anthony to anyone in search of a professional defense. Easy going, reliable, and confident attorney Riccio is a winner. He is dedicated to his clients and my case. I can assure anyone, he takes pride in what he does which shows in court/trial. Anthony was lazer focused on the pertinent information involving the trial and I was 110% comfortable with his representation. His itemization for detailed information is 2nd nature. His court presense was astounding during trial. He was professional, patient, throughout his preparation. 100% reliable, Absolutely 0 complaints. Great attorney. Also a superb listener.


Lastly, I’d like to formally thank attorney Riccio. Separate from his overall excellent representation, he is a good person.

– JHK.

Anthony went above and beyond with my case. Not only did he keep me in the loop with any relevant information regarding my case, but he put me at ease by not treating me like just another client. He is very personable and easy to talk. All in all, he was on top of everything 100% of the time.

– William.

Right off the bat I could tell Anthony knew his stuff. His experience as being a prosecutor completely gave him the knowledge of the criminal court system from that side. Now as a defense lawyer, you couldn’t ask for a smarter guy who knows everything about what the other side is doing. Don’t [hesitate] to call him, you won’t be disappointed.

– Former Client.

Anthony was very impressive in all areas of dealing with someone in an upsetting legal matter. He was; 1) A pleasure to speak to initially with being very respectful as well as very informative. 2) Efficient in getting needed steps done along the way. 3) Communicating progress and path forward thoroughly. 4) Meeting and walking through a solid plan. 5) Effectively driving home a solid solution ending up with great results.

– Mark.

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