OUI/DUI Charges Dismissed

February 2, 2024: Uxbridge District Court
  • OUI-Liquor
  • Negligent Operation of Motor Vehicle
Result:Case dismissed after Motion to Suppress was allowed

Not Guilty On All Charges

January 30-31, 2024: Roxbury Municipal Court
  • Violation of Abuse Prevention Order
  • A&B on a Family/Household Member
Result:After a two-day jury trial and less than 30 minutes of deliberations, the jury returned Not Guilty verdicts on both counts of the Criminal Complaint.

Sexual Assault Charge Dismissed

January 8, 2024: Attleboro District Court
Result:A successful professional in his mid-40's was charged with felony sexual assault and immediately retained Riccio Law to represent him. After conducting an independent investigation into the allegations and turning over the information to the District Attorney's Office, Attorney Riccio negotiated a dismissal of the felony sexual assault charge, and his client was given one year of probation for a non-sexual assault related misdemeanor offense.

Breath Test Evidence Thrown Out

November 9, 2023: Wrentham District Court
  • OUI-Liquor
Result:Breathalyzer evidence suppressed. Attorney Riccio filed a Motion to Suppress Breathalyzer Evidence based on the police's failure to properly conduct the required 15-minute observation period prior to the administration of the breath test. The DA's Office assented to the Motion resulting in the breathalyzer evidence being suppressed / excluded from use as evidence at trial.

Gun Charges Dismissed

November 6, 2023: Worcester Juvenile Court
  • Possess Firearm without FID Card;
  • Possess Ammunition without FID Card
  • Improper Storage of Firearm
  • Receive Stolen Property -$1200
Result:All charges Dismissed after Motion to Dismiss allowed.

OUI Charges Dismissed

November 2, 2023: Boston Municipal Court- Dorchester
  • OUI-Drugs
Result:Motion to Dismiss allowed.
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