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Drug Offenses
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Defense Attorney for Massachusetts Drug Charges (Attleboro Drug Charges)

Even Minor Drug Charges Can have Serious Consequences

Being arrested or charged with a drug-related offense in Massachusetts brings about the potential for serious penalties. Whether it is a charge for simple possession, being present where heroin is kept, or more serious charges — including trafficking or distribution — a conviction for a drug-related offense can lead to incarceration, probation, and significant fines and fees. With the opioid epidemic in Massachusetts, District Attorney’s Offices throughout the Commonwealth have demonstrated a heightened interest in drug cases, especially those cases involving heroin and fentanyl.

You Should Not Always Accept a Plea Deal in a Drug Case

While accepting a plea deal may initially seem like a good idea, especially if drugs were located on or near you, Riccio Law has successfully defended individuals facing serious drug charges, including drug trafficking and distribution, by having an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the laws surrounding drug-related offenses and the many potential defenses available. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the discovery of narcotics or other evidence, an experienced criminal defense attorney knows what motions to file and potentially limit the evidence used against you. Attorney Anthony Riccio has successfully argued motions to suppress resulting in the exclusion of evidence and dismissal of charges.

Dismissal or Reduction in Charges Can Avoid Mandatory Jail Time

In Massachusetts, simple possession charges tend to result in lesser penalties than charges related to trafficking, distribution, and manufacturing of narcotics. Additionally, Class A drugs (e.g., heroin) carry stricter penalties than charges pertaining to lower classes of drugs (e.g., cocaine, ecstasy, Percocet). Charges related to the sale of drugs within a school zone also carry heightened penalties, including minimum mandatory jail sentences. Riccio Law may be able to negotiate a dismissal or reduction in charges and eliminate a minimum mandatory jail sentence.

A conviction for drug charges could follow you for the rest of your life. It may impact your ability to obtain future employment or preclude you from admission to a college or university. If you have been charged with or arrested for a drug-related offense in Massachusetts, contact Riccio Law today for a free case evaluation.

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