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Protecting the Rights of Dog Bite Victims

Dogs typically make wonderful family pets and friendly companions. Unfortunately, some dogs are dangerous and can unexpectedly bite or attack both children and adults. Dog attacks can be devastating and result in serious injuries, illness, disfigurement, or even death. They can also cause psychological trauma — especially in young children.

If you or your child suffered from a dog bite or dog attack, an experienced dog bite attorney can help make sure your rights are protected. Riccio Law works aggressively to ensure that careless and negligent dog owners are held responsible and that you recover the maximum compensation possible for your injuries.

Massachusetts “Dog Bite Law”

Dog bites and dog attacks often happen suddenly and can occur almost anywhere — while jogging in parks, walking on the sidewalk, and even when you’re a guest at someone else’s home or property. Under Massachusetts General Law Chapter 140, Section 155, an “owner or keeper” is strictly liable if their dog bites, attacks, or hurts you. This law means that dog owners are legally responsible for any personal injury and property damage their dog caused you to suffer, even if their dog had never demonstrated viciousness before.

The law isn’t limited to just bites — if a dog jumps on you, scratches you, or lashes out and causes you injury, an owner can still be liable for your damages. Massachusetts’ strict liability statute also holds owners responsible for any injuries their dog caused you regardless if they took preventative measures to restrain, leash, or muzzle the dog.

There are a few exceptions to the Massachusetts “Dog Bite Law.” The law will not protect you or your right to compensation for dog bite injuries if the defendant can show that you were trespassing, committing a crime, teasing, or tormenting the dog. However, the law presumes that a child under seven was not engaged in any such wrongdoing.

Common Dog Bite Injuries

If a dog bit you or your child, it’s crucial to get medical help right away from your physician, at the emergency room, or an urgent care facility. Depending on the circumstances, a dog attack can cause numerous injuries, illnesses, or infections that require immediate attention. Some common dog bite injuries include:

  • Disfigurement
  • Tetanus or other infection
  • Disease
  • Scarring
  • Nerve damage
  • Broken bones
  • Puncture wounds
  • Bruising
  • Emotional trauma
  • Wrongful death

Treatment for dog bites and attacks can require emergency care, hospital stays, stitches, extensive plastic surgery, medication, follow up medical treatment, psychological counseling, and any other medical treatment recommended by your doctor.

What to Do If a Dog Attacks You

If a dog has attacked you, it’s a good idea to confirm whether the dog has had its rabies shot. It’s also crucial to take photos of the dog bite injuries and obtain the contact information for the dog’s owner and any witnesses. Filing a police report can also help to memorialize and document the event as well as serve as evidence in court or for any insurance settlement.

Once you’ve received the medical care you need, you should contact a dog bite attorney as soon as possible. In any dog bite case, there are statutes of limitation that must be satisfied to commence a lawsuit.

Massachusetts Dog Bite Attorney Fighting for the Compensation You Deserve

Dog bites can be severe and result in painful, long-lasting injuries — both physical and emotional. These kinds of injuries can cause you to suffer economic harm as well as non-economic harm. If you’ve suffered from physical or psychological injuries resulting from a Massachusetts dog bite or dog attack, you can file a personal injury lawsuit to recover these damages. Riccio Law is committed to ensuring the best possible recovery is obtained for clients who have undergone the traumatic event of a dog attack.

Dog owners can be responsible for financial damages incurred by bite victims, including past and future medical expenses, time lost from work, and out-of-pocket costs related to the attack. You may also be entitled to recover for damages that compensate you for injuries that might not be visible. Dog bite victims often endure pain and suffering, emotional distress, and loss of quality of life — these are considered “non-economic” damages that may be recoverable in a personal injury action.

Massachusetts dog bite victims may also recover for damaged property. Depending on how the incident occurred, this can include compensation for torn clothing, shattered glasses or smartphone, and any other personal items that may have been destroyed by hitting the ground during the attack.

Even if an insurance company is involved, they may not offer you the compensation you deserve for your dog bite case. If you’ve incurred medical bills, loss of property, or suffered emotionally as a result of a dog attack, Riccio Law is committed to ensuring you receive the maximum compensation available for your injuries.

Aggressive & Knowledgeable Massachusetts Dog Bite Attorney

Massachusetts dog bite cases can be nuanced and complex. If someone else’s dog has injured you, it is vital to have a dog bite attorney by your side with experience in handling these matters. Whether he litigates a case in court or negotiates an insurance settlement, Anthony Riccio takes an aggressive approach to ensure his clients get the compensation they deserve. With offices in Attleboro and Quincy, Riccio Law handles dog bite cases in Southeastern Massachusetts, the greater Boston area and throughout the Commonwealth. Call for a complimentary consultation today.