Personal Injury Lawyer

Massachusetts Personal Injury Lawyer Anthony Riccio is committed to representing individuals that have been injured in an accident in Massachusetts due to someone else’s negligence. Having previously worked at personal injury defense firm in Boston, Anthony knows what to look for when evaluating a possible claim for damages.

Why Hire Riccio Law?

With an understanding of what the insurance companies and lawyers evaluate when defending a personal injury claim, Anthony Riccio has the knowledge and experience needed to provide an accurate analysis of a potential claim. He has recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages from settlements with major insurance companies prior to the filing of lawsuits. Learn more about why clients hire Anthony.

If You Have Been Injured: Free Consultation and No Up-Front Fees

If you or a loved one was injured in Massachusetts, you may have the ability to obtain financial compensation by way of a settlement for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Contact Riccio Law immediately for a free case evaluation. Personal injury cases are accepted on a contingency fee basis and do not require any up-front payment or retainer fee. Riccio Law only gets paid if you win your case.

Massachusetts Personal Injury Law Services

Riccio Law represents individuals and their families after any kind of injury caused by someone else’s negligence, including

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